EAC certificate. EAC Declaration. Certification in Customs Union and EuroAsian Conformity.

Effective from February 2012 by Council Decision of Eurasian Economic Commission. Countries covered by EAC Certificate: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.  Armenia and Kyrgyzstan adopting some of the Customs Union technical regulations from the end of 2015.

Products covered by EAC Certificate (Customs Union certificate).

34 different Customs Union Technical Regulations are in power now. Most popular product groups are: household equipment, light industry products, children products, cosmetics, machinery, devices under pressure, electronic devices, vehicles and vehicle parts. List of all regulations can be found here.

Products not under EAC certification.

Medical products, high voltage devices, devices for marine industry, construction products.

Types of EAC conformity documents.

Depend on the technical regulation and products two conformity documents might be issued: CU TR Declaration or CU TR Certificate. In some cases applicant might choose what kind of document they would like to apply for. (For example, CU TR 010/2011 on safety of machines it’s possible to apply for certificate, even if the products need mandatory declaration).

The DoC declaration and CoC certificate can be issued either for serial production or single shipment. Serial production is up to 5 years. 

How to obtain EAC Certificate.

We will need to know basic information regarding your product to prepare dedicated offer (customs code, short technical description, field of use) to determine what technical regulations apply to your product and what will be the process of certification. Factory visit and product testing in accredited laboratory in Customs Union are mandatory requirements to obtain certificate for some types of products.

Depend on the need of factory inspection and product testing the certification process will take from 5 working days for declarations of conformity to a couple of months for certificate of conformity with facility inspection.

Please contact us to receive dedicated offer.

EAC Certificate, Customs Union Certificate and countries of Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus)

EAC certificate (customs union certificate) can be issued by the accredited certification body (CB) in Customs Union. It’s possible to receive EAC certificate from Russian CB as well as from Belorussian or Kazakh certification body. The certification process is standardised between all countries of Customs Union. EAC certificate issued in one country, for example, Russian EAC certificate will have same power on the territory of whole Customs Union. We are using terms EAC certification and Customs Union certification interchangeably as from the technical point of view there is no difference.

EAC marking and EAC certificate sample.

EAC mark stands for EurAsian conformity mark. EAC mark can be affixed only if the quality of products is confirmed in accordance to Customs Union Technical Regulations. After the products are certified and EAC mark is affixed it’s safe to export your product to Russia as well as to the whole region of Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan). Sample of EAC certificate, EAC declaration and EAC mark.

CU TR DoC cutr coc EAC mark

What to do next?

descriptionSend us technical description, picture and customs code.
analyze We will analyze it and prepare the dedicated offer.
sign-contractWe sign a contract and after prepayment start working on certificate.
testing,factory visit We do all the formalities: factory visit (if needed), testing, document creation.
Issue certificate Our certification body issue certificate and you are free to export in Customs Union.

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